On a Serious Note

Going  through some of my old files, I stumbled on a link from on old blog of mine. It was called “Dr. Fraidy Cat” and was a WordPress blog too. ( http://drfraidycat.wordpress.com )  It was a blog about my trials and tribulations of dealing with open-heart surgery. I was one scared cookie back in those days and quite frankly have never recovered completely from that ordeal. I would like to share some of the posts that I had written back then:


Okay, so now I am out of the hospital and they say I was good to go. One thing though! My foot is still swollen from the edema. I already know I am destined to be back in the hospital with the “normal” breathing problems. I must now have my teeth pulled out (they’ve been bad for awhile) before I can have the heart surgery. If someone had only taught me to take care of my teeth…
dontbeawuss | July 9, 2011 at 10:03 am

Update for ya….

Thursday, June 23rd I ended up back at the ER with the same damn symptoms as before. One shot of morphine and I was released. Next event, a doctors appointment on Monday, 27th. BAD news again. Diagnoses is SYPHILIS. What, when, who had all passed my mind. how long has it been there?…. Apparently long enough to do all this heart damage.
Seems that, once again, I needed to go back to the hospital. So on June 29th, 2011, I went back the hospital and was admitted quickly. Come to find out that the syphilis has caused all this damage, they placed me on an IV drip of Penicillin. The treatment last for 12-15 days. It’s no fun. I will finally get out of the hospital on Monday, after some major dental surgery.(.I,m having all my teeth extracted )Yep one more thing…They only take the bad teeth.
dontbeawuss | July 13, 2011 at 11:12 pm

Monday has came and went. Guess what? I now have no teeth. The oral surgeon did a great job seeing to that. What a miserable experience. I woke up from being completely knocked out to find my mouth uncomfortable numb. I share I was choking. The blood was uncontrollable and they must have blown a blood vessel putting the breathing tube up my nose because it was also bleeding profusely. Now I am to call the heart surgeon and schedule an appointment to have the open-heart surgery…..only now: I am scared to death!
dontbeawuss | September 19, 2011 at 10:59 am

medical fun

Two IV’s at once

August 23, 2011. surgery done and completed…during a rare earthquake, if you can believe that.
It was everything I thought it would be. Scared to death before, the docs gave some “calming” meds and that is all I remember…until..I woke.Still in a trance from the anesthesiology and unable to open my eyes, breathing tube down my throat, I could not communicate that I wanted off the tube. It was mentally killing me.I heard everything that was going on around me and even kicked the nurse..whoops!
One month later, I still am recovering. Sternum pops all the time and hurts like hell. All my chest is constantly on fire from the pain and the meds the doc gives are too strong..(RoxiCodone) I like the Hydrocodone much better, but the cost is lower on the “Roxi’s” I think that the level/dosage of coumidin is wrong, because my heart is beating out of my chest. Hell, I just don’t know what is normal. Can’t wait to be well again…..More updates soon!
dontbeawuss | October 2, 2011 at 7:12 am

October 2, 2011 and I am still in lots of pain. I’m still taking the Roxicodones and Hydrocodone as well. Six pills total daily. The incision, which is quite long, seems to be healing okay except for what seems to be a calcium deposit, a knot of some sort right on the incision. I do not know what they did to my leg because it is constantly hurting too. They did take some vein/artery (don’t know which one) from my groin are..that get infected!
My balance is completely shot. I stumble and trip all day long..Is that the spinal stenosis or something else? Being told tat I should be back to normal in 6-8 weeks, I am beginning to wonder if something is still wrong. I feel so bad by the end of the day I just want to cry. The morning time is not much better…until the pills kick in. Well, enough for now. I will continue to post until there is nothing to say. Until next time!

Well, It is now next time.

Things aren’t much better, especially mentally. I relive that surgery over in my head daily. I do not sleep because  of the artificial valve they placed in my heart… It’s the Chinese Water Torture.. Click!, Click!, Click all day long. Of course the smart-asses out they say, “Don’t you want to hear it?” Imagine, one sound in your head, at the same tempo, all the time.  As if there was a small drip in the kitchen sink or a leaky roof dripping but a drop at a time in a metal bucket. Yeah!

With this surgery has come many other issues and without elaborating on them, just know that I am still here fighting. I just want to thank y’all for letting me, M. Bennett Freeman vent awhile.


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