New Look, Same Great Blog

It was time for a change… Summers in the air and I had nothing better to do. All of our “Freeman” sites have now been linked together and color coded for your benefit… or is it mine? Probably mine. Yep, mine.

You’ll notice a link to the left with those links>>>

We are adding many new things to Freeman Enterprises and we hope that they will come in handy one way or another. The color coding goes as follows:

  1. Our Main Site:  Black
  2. Blog:  White
  3. Advertising:  Green
  4. Directory:  Maroon
  5. Forum:  Blue
  6. Jobs:  Purple
  7. Websites:  Tan

Each is a part of Freeman Enterprises; however, they are a separate entity all by themselves. I thought by trying to add all that content in one site would be mind boggling: More to me than anyone else. Some are still under development and others are ready and waiting.

For instance: Our job board is ready. This site, I hope, will help employees and employers alike to find the necessary people that they are looking for. What we need now is folks to zoom over to the site and post their resumes and if there are any employers reading this that may have an available job, to please post that job on our board. Lets help those unemployed find work.

Tomorrow, we will have another entry in our ongoing series on email marketing.

M. Bennett Freeman



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